Welcome to SRB Engineering.

We are an established subcontract engineering company based in Northamptonshire offering top quality services in the following fields:-

Press work
  • Component manufacture
    • General machining services
    • Precision cnc machining
  • Special purpose machinery
    • Design
    • Manufacture
  • Toolmaking
    • Press tools
    • Jigs and fixtures
  • Corrugated metals
    • Heatsinks
    • Rigid structures
CNC machining
Special purpose machinery
Corrugated metal fins

Utilising a computerised order tracking and machine-shop loading system we aim to consistently meet your delivery deadlines without sacrificing any required specifications.

Our expertise is employed by a range of different industries including formula one racing,machine builders and the electronics and communications sectors.Our sevices have also been of great help to busy machine-shops within other companies that require press tooling and jigs and fixtures, designed and manufactured to the highest standards, and companies requiring the design and construction of special purpose machinery to aid them in the automation of the manufacturing process.

Our philosophy is to always work in partnership with our customers taking into account their differing needs.If you are successful then we are too which is why if we ever have any suggestions regarding the services you wish us to supply we will endevour to discuss them with you, possibly saving you considerable time and money.

Use the index on the left to take you to the relevant section and feel free to contact us from the contact page for clarification on any issue or to discuss any requirements you may have.

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