Corrugated metals and heatsink manufacturer

We are a heatsink manufacturer and produce a range of corrugated metals from 10mm to 50mm square section of any required length.
examples of a cylindrical heatsink Our machinery, designed and built by ourselves was originally planned to produce components for the heatsink market to replace extruded aluminium however we believe the product can also have numerous other applications.
The product is ideally suited to heat dispersion in large amounts by radiation due to its large surface area in a confined space.The components can be flexible enough to wrap around a cylindrical surface such as pipes etc. heatsinks
In addition to its suitability as heatsinks the corrugated components manufactured on our machinery can also form an extremely rigid structure by attaching to thin strips on the top and bottom.This can be of great use where composite honeycomb structures are currently used and impact absorption is important. The design of our machinery is such that with a minimum investment in time and capital it can be adapted to produce any section and length that is required.